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Thanksgiving, Yet With Sorrow

November 25, 2009

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the USA. It’s a national holiday. Family and friends gather together all across this beautiful country and celebrate the blessings of life. And for those of us who name the name of Christ, we acknowledge the source of those blessings. All while engaging in a feast. Yet sadly, it isn’t possible for many of our brothers and sisters around the world, even should their custom be the same.

For you see, they’re members of a select minority in the Body of Jesus. A called few, who shall be renowned for all eternity. Some of them, even now ready to win a crown. That of the martyr.

So as you go through your day with it’s many blessings, don’t forget your brothers and sisters who are being persecuted. And take some time to make their causes known to your family and friends. Because I tell you in truth, our Father’s eyes are on them, and I just can’t help believing that He takes special note of those who do the same.

To learn more about the suffering Church, please visit The Voice of the Martyrs.


Return From The Dead

November 24, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Sorry that I’ve not been posting recently. I’ve been rather ill with a chronic sinus infection that has been very difficult to kick. Refraining from posting was a conscious decision, as when I’m sick I don’t trust myself to see things clearly. I hope you understand. And while I’m at it, I’d appreciate your prayers for my complete recovery, as I’m still battling with it.

Thank you and God bless.