March 25, 2010

In our current political climate in the U.S., it’s very easy to get caught up in intense discussions related to liberty vs. tyranny. I’ve done so recently myself, in propounding upon the Founding Fathers’ intent in penning the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. All of that changed for me this morning.

Jesus spoke at length regarding liberty when He was on earth. Not once, did He discuss it in a political or physical context. His message was clear, pursue and lay hold of spiritual liberty, and the cares of this world will no longer have power over you.

As citizens of another Kingdom, we Christians have a choice to make. Will we be about the King’s business in furtherance of spiritual liberty, or will we be entangled in the affairs of this world? I believe it is impossible to serve two masters. For myself, the choice is clear – only Jesus offers me a liberty that no man can take from me.


2 Responses to “Liberty”

  1. tom Says:

    there you go – let this world do what this world will do – it does Serve The Father’s will, regardless of what we think. Even IF some of these people are doing evil or are sinning, it ultimately serves The Father’s motives. (it’s already been ‘done’) I do not think we (Christians) are ‘supposed’ to be in politics. I think that is what The Lord was trying to ‘say’ to you.
    I don’t think that we need to sit back and not comment (occasionally) but, are we supposed to get angry? Judgmental? Accusatory? I think, ‘turn the other cheek’ may apply… love you…

  2. tom Says:

    P.S. sorry it took me so long to get to this and to comment… I know what it’s like write and have, what seems to be, no audience.

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