True Sight

August 30, 2009

Paul wrote by the Holy Spirit, that he “no longer recognized any man after the flesh”.  He wasn’t speaking of having bad eyes. To the contrary, he was speaking of a very acute sight, just not the physical kind. He had matured in Christ to the point where he understood that a man’s earthly credentials accounted for very, very little, if anything at all, in the Body of Christ. He now knew that it was what God revealed about an individual that was the determinant factor in knowing who the person truly was and just where they were at in life.

In my Christian life, I’ve seen great, great harm done to the Body of Christ by the failure of leadership to exercise this principle. I’ve seen people with a calling from God, placed in positions of authority, way before their time. Way before their “stuff” had been dealt with and their learning to walk in love. In certain cases, I’ve witnessed what could only be described as “self-validation” by ministries in jumping at the opportunity to have someone with “credentials” associated with them. I know of one case in point, where an individual is very learned, but has very little revelatory understanding of the grace of God, mainly having an intellectual one.

The Lord is calling His Body to get back to its roots in the selection of leadership and ordination. This life in Christ that we subscribe to, is first and foremost a spiritual journey. Not an intellectual one. For that, spiritually mature leaders are needed. They can only be recognized through the eyes of the Spirit. May we have the sight needed to see them.


3 Responses to “True Sight”

  1. This is very important… Yet what are the roots of selection of leadership for the church? How should the determination be made and by whom?

  2. Johnny Says:

    The only way that I know to determine this, is to look and see what the scriptures say. In them we see where apostles recognized pastors and put them in place. Purely by the grace of God and the Spirit’s leading within them. They then admonished pastors to do the same in their local flocks, as it pertained to elders and deacons, etc. That’s what the Body needs to get back to. A total reliance on the leading of the Spirit, as opposed to “leaning on our own understanding.” This is a spiritual matter, not one of the intellect. It requires that the persons doing the selecting are devout and walking as they should before the Lord.

  3. This is very true and very needful in the church…
    “As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.” Acts 13:2

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