The True Gospel

August 28, 2009

In reading various blogs that purport to be “Christian”, I am left wondering just how many people truly have a heart knowledge of the subject. Ethical and moral dissertations abound, many deeply intellectual and worthy of Doctoral studies. They do not, for the most part however, arrive at the truth.

On the other hand, Jesus said that in the end, there would be many who would claim to be His, even by virtue of having done miraculous works in His name. Only to be told to depart from Him, as He never knew them.

The true gospel of Jesus lies in the middle. The “Radical Middle”, as a certain well known evangelical movement so aptly puts it. It is where the truth is both expressed and walked out in simplicity through grace, with profound implication and effect, as God himself affirms it by acts of His power. Anything other, is “another gospel” and its teachers are “accursed”, as Paul affirmed when writing by the Holy Spirit.


5 Responses to “The True Gospel”

  1. the true Gospel is the full Gospel that is rarely preached in most churches..

  2. Johnny Says:

    What many churches are calling the Gospel, is anything but, even among some that purport to be “Full-Gospel”. By that I mean that they have gone the way of the Galatians and have fallen from grace and been severed from Christ, after starting in the Spirit. They’ve exchanged the grace of God for self-effort and legalism. That’s not said in condemnation, but in sorrow. I would to God, that all believers could grasp the truth that the Lord gave to our brother Paul to give to the churches. But, it wars against our pride, as it requires utter humility and surrender to God in order to walk in it.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. This is true enough what you have said… for the gospel is not only in word, but in power, is not only in sermon, but in living it out, not just legally, but by faith, which worketh by love…
    As Jesus stated, if you love me keep my commandments… John 14:15

  4. Johnny Says:

    There was a time, in my early walk with God, when I would read John 14:15 and feel put upon in a sense. I know now that it was because I wasn’t seeing it through the eyes of the Spirit, but rather by my intellect. The understanding that the Lord brought me into in later years, isn’t that Jesus is saying, “Do this or else!”, but rather that, the keeping of His commandments will flow out of our loving Him. One is works, the other grace.

  5. I agree totally… I believe that’s the very intent of the scriptures.

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